The Most Spectacular Show in the World

The first carnival in Rio de Janeiro dates back to 1723. Today, it is considered to be the most spectacular carnival in the world.

The carnival happens in the streets and in the official venue: the Sambadrome, where all the magic happens. Samba schools take part in the parade and compete to offer magnificent shows to the public, to Brazil and to the world.

The parade happens every year in February in Rio de Janeiro. In 2017 it will start on February 24th, for a week long.


Here is a little introduction to what the parade was like in February 2016:

The Most Important Cultural Event in Brazil

The carnival is actually the most  important cultural event in Brazil, and the Sambadrome venue - where the official carnival parade takes place - is the epicenter of the carnival in Brazil.

Many people plan the carnival in Rio de Janeiro a year before.

5 Spectacular Days of Performances and Parading

There are many Samba schools in Brazil, and only the best compete. Schools are distributed into groups that compete during the Carnival Parade. Each of these group have 6 to 14 samba schools. The Special Group is the most advanced one. Group A and B follows. (Other groups from the lower league exists, but they are out of the game)

The school that wins in their group will be promoted immediately to the superior group. Likewise, the schools that get the lowest grade in their groups are downgraded to the inferior group. Therefore all schools strive to improve their positions within the general contest and to become group-champions. The champion of the carnival is the winner of the special group, but more importantly the King of the Samba - winning worldwide recognition!

Carnival Dates

The carnival parade takes place every day in the Sambadrome venue in Rio de Janeiro starting from friday february 24, 2017 to the next monday - february 27th. The finals will take place on March 4th, a saturday.

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