Rio Samba Carnival (RSC) is a publishing house and events company, with more than forty year´s experience in the Brazilian market. It has become a benchmark in disseminating and promoting major events, and in the art of providing comfort and security to welcome the heads of corporations and their executives, clients and suppliers, as well as celebrities from many different segments of society.

The RSC Group was founded in 1971 by Rio-born businessman Mauricio de Araújo Mattos, and began in 1972 with the production and free distribution of the first Rio de Janeiro Samba School Parade Program – the Rio Samba e Carnaval magazine.

Example of a magazine made by RSC

In 1976 RSC innovated yet again as the groundbreaker in organizing and managing a private box on the Parade Avenue, at that time held on President Vargas Avenue, and made possible at the suggestion of businessman Mauricio Mattos to the then mayor, Dr. Marcos Tamoyo.

In 1986 it extended its activities by launching the São Paulo Samba e Carnaval magazine and Pole Position – Brazilian F-1 GP Guide.

Between 1996 and 1998 it organized and ran the Brazil-US Workshop for the Rio and São Paulo Carnival Artists, sponsored by Redecard under the incentive of the Rouanet Law, a project for publicizing carnival and enhancing the work of those professionals by their contact with shows in Broadway-NY, Las Vegas-NV, and the studios of Disney-Orlando and Los Angeles-CA.

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