Rio carnival tickets front boxes (frisas)
People applauding in the camarote, from outsideFront BoxesSamba girls in the luxury VIP spaceMap of the sambodromoSamba dancer smiling to the cameraSamba School Parading inside the SambadromeAnother samba school parading inside the sambadromeBeautiful picture of a carnival dancerAnother beautiful picture of a dancer during the carnivalVenice-like dancer parading during the carnival in rioMagnificent samba dancer with colorful feathersMagnificent performance during the carnival paradeRio Carnival Parade - Image of a dancing group with balloonsA breath-taking image of dancers performing in the sambadrome

Front Boxes

R$780,00R$2.400,00 R$780,00R$2.400,00

Tickets for the 2017 Carnival Parade in Rio

These seats are located on the same level as the parade runway (as shown in the image here). These tickets will grant you access to a seat in a space for 6 people. Seat “A” is situated directly on the same level as the samba runway. Then follows seat “B”, “C” and “D”. See more details below.



Every year in February, the official carnival parade happens in Rio de Janeiro and is one of the most magnificent show in the world.

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24/02/17 | 25/02/17 | 26/02/17 | 27/02/17

Finals: 04/03/17



Front boxes are located at the bottom and toward the front of each sector (as shown in the image above) and range from rows A to D. The first row (A) is situated directly on the same level as the Samba runway, with each subsequent row slightly elevated like stadium seating. It provides just enough elevation to offer the best views of the parade. Front boxes come in boxes of six with a small table in the middle . It is a great spot on which you can put your food, beverages and other belonging.


 Delivery only in Brazil: R$50,00. We are not responsible for delivery service.


Delivery of your tickets to your hotel is also possible – R$50,00.


Pick up at our store: FREE. Rua Gomes Carneiro, 112/301, Ipanema- Rio de Janeiro. Pick up at our store starting january 16, 2017 for grandstand tickets and february 17, 2017 for others tickets. Open hours 9AM to 7PM.


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